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tv   [untitled]    March 20, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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commissioners. i am the director of operations and i want to say i support the project and what is standing out to me is the livability and from the southeast sector, a lot of us are passionate about what we do and i want to say we definitely support it and will do our part z we continue to make it a gateway to the city. appreciate it. president olague: a great road model. >> commissioner olague, members of the commission, i am claud
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everhart and worked in the community for many, many years and one of my passions is the state park and i was chairman of the citizens advisory committee for the state park before it was even developed. and we're not for the executive park, we would not have the state park out there. one of the corporations that was originally invested out there put up the first million dollars. and that we needed to get that park started. and following that, my work with others to pass the legislation and to get that project funneleded. last year we had to go back to the negotiations with the states to help of the senator to come up with a new funding scheme for candlestick because the risk
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that allstate park had. and it was the executive park once again that stepped forward and worked with us to organize the community needed to map tanitan i -- to maintaining candlestick park. george irving and the advisory committee have stood with us and for a long time and planned with us. and the plan before you is the result of five years of hard work in the community and i would ask you how many times have you had private xexecutive come before the commission with the kind of community support that this project has and there were a number of people who thought this was going to happen
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at 1:30 and hat to go back to work because ours is a working community. and there were a number of people from little hollywood and bayview hill neighborhood association who asked me to mention they were here and wanted to log their support. thank you so much for your support and the staff has been tremendous for once and we had a city staff that worked and listened to the community in the process. >> thank you. walker, the pastor for the executive park and also with the development of the candlestick point plan and the shipyard plan, i can see these projects koch complementing one -- actually complementing one another. one of the disturbing things
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that i have lived in the neighborhood for 40 years is to hear comments about the poor, crime ridden neighborhood. and i see projects like this and that will mitigate that and with the jobs and the various businesses and taking on the responsibility recently to organize the young men in that neighborhood for realistic jobs with training and all of that and making a lot of progress and as far as i am concerned, the last information is unemployment in the southeast section is around 30% and may be even more than that. and any time that there is a project like thshg and can mitigate the responsibility and i would like to see also that
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that is looked into to make sure that has been mitigated and taken care of and i support the project and i think it's a great project and we are definitely looking forward to work with the project and doing whatever i can to see that it comes to fruition in order to impact that neighborhood in a viable, qualitative way. thank you very much for your patience. president olague: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am oscar james, a native resident of bayview ellis point and also when the corporation came to bayview hunters point i was a commissioner and there was 21 members and we did a unanimous vote to support this particular project when they first came to the community it was thought they would hire 50% of the community and we had 50%
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memorandum of understanding for jobs that they would hire 50% and 100% citywide. and up to this date that agreement has been met. everything the corporation talked about doing in the 70's, they have done up to the date. he spoke about coordinating council which is one of our organizations in our community that was very viable at the time and the model of the city's commission was the one who superseded everything from highway 101 up to geneva avenue and all the way up to -- i forgot the name of the park now. and to bay shore and we represented quite a few people in our community. and since that time it has split
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and the entire community and the community was before it and i know you know from your board and 21 members there and we had that support and a lot of people who start working with the unions and has retired and this particular project and with city centers and we are 100% behind it. thank you very much. president olague: thank you. any additional public comment? seeing none, additional public comment is closed. >> i am honored to have several
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people here and they have streets named after them and going into candlestick park for the first time in 1960 and is too wad that the commercial development has not continued on for a lot of reasons that are out of our control at this point but maybe policies have been different and might have been seen more interest and what there is a knead and desire for and that is the housing that occurs here and adding the neighborhood serving retail which is really important with the contribution to parks and the trails that go up the sides of the hills that have been alluded to. and also this project has given up and provided space to allow for the wyatt ping of harney
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that will allow access into the shipyard and eventually hopefully a light rail continuation that circles around and there is a lot of things going for this and i think that you can make it from there so the t and caltrans and maybe even faster to the t line in less than 10 minutes. very supportive of this project and what to do to make the realiti realities. president olague: commissioner moore. commissioner moore: this is aban informational hearing but expressing appreciation about the project is well placed. i do get first impression and the most important one is that the neighborhood supports it and doesn't indeed continue the discussion we had relative to the commitments for transportation, infrastructure
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and improvements and meeting an unusual challenge which i expressed to you and the one thing i was not prepared is to put residential into an off spot geometry and i was told there was too much investment in there and that was a difficult thing to codo. and i am really pleased that this has reason to the occasion with the stron street geometry conducive of designing a neighborhood and that all the little moves from the way the street meets and under the main way and all that is done properly though it can work. and the way it was previously done to get that movement on to
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harney way and create the healthy neighborhood and with the major regional sports authority and we need to make sure that internally the neighborhood fupgss along those lines and support for -- functions along those lines and this plan is doing that and well designed plans and with sufficient open space in a location that is a little remote and with everything else and will make that one additional strong piece along the way. there have been more discussions and additional evolutions and in principle this particular project has my strong support. president olague: commissioner fong? commissioner fong: thank you. i had the opportunity of going
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out and visiting the site and have driven by it thousands of times and i want to point out the significant of being the gateway into pedestrian as you enter the city and am overall supportive and has seen the use and is very ready for an update in change and i know we are not quite there, but when we are there i will push for some architecture significance and we are a little down the road there. i am hoping it is one more piece. avery secretary avery thank you. >> if i could, i think we are scheduled to hear about this again on april 7. just to confirm that. april 7 we will be bringing more details to you on the plan. i want to make sure that you were aware that the acts that
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you are taking in the coming months are on the plan, not the individual projects. you will see individual projects in the coming months. thanks to staff and to everyone who came today. secretary avery: thank you. commissioners, our item 10, 2010.1080c for 311 divisadero street. >> good afternoon. the request before you today is to autoan outdoor activity to the full-service restaurant doing business in the rear yard of the three-story hotel and nc-2 small-scale neighborhood commercial zoning district if proposal is to add an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs to accommodate up to 25
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restaurant patrons on the 240-square foot pate owe within the rear yard of the hotel. commissioners, please note the direction here to the motion which indicated up to 20 restaurant patrons. the existing rear yard surrounding the patio is currently landscaped with mature trees, bushes, and plants and that is property line fencing the property setback 6 1/2 feet from the north property line 257bd to 3 1/2 from the east line and 8 feet from the west property line. the patio was utilized by a previous restaurant with the benefit of a permit before the change of restaurant ownership occured. the current restaurant ragazza is 4,000 square feet floor area has been in operation september 2010 and the dining area to accommodate 40 restaurant pay electrons. the proposed hours of -- to
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accommodate 40 restaurant pay tropss. the hours of operations are sunday through thursday dinner sf and seating at 5:00 to 8 10:30 p.m. for dinner service and 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for saturday and sunday brunch service. and last bruvenlg seating at 3:00 p.m. today the department has received three letters and one e nail op stoigs the proposal. the opposition was primarily the rear apartment building abutting the property at 1024 pace street and also with the concerns in the letter and most of the concerns or opposition from the upper unit and the rear of the property facing the bedroom and are saying currently the front of the building faces a bar area
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where there is already noise and they had one support from one other lower levels and indicated a little more information through up thor and lower patio area and the use right now and to the lower patio area and the noise issue and the consideration of the concerns from up thor levels and that there be further limits to the dining capacity in the rear yard and the hours they are permitted to operate. and they were also concerned about the lowering of property values for the people against it. as far as support and the
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department has received approximately eight letters and emails in support of the project from the neighborhood and to approve with conditions and with the modification and the position and to place the conditional approval you wered section operation with the revise revised exhibit a. and i am available for any questions.
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thank you. president olague: thank you. project sponsor? >> i am the chef and owner of ragazza restaurant. ragazza means girl in italian in case any of you wondered. it is -- i have a chef for about 25 years and this is a restaurant from the heart and this is a small restaurant, only 40 feet. we serve artisan style italian pizzas that i use ingredients from all the little farms and what we're trying to do is extend and have a little more space in the backyard. the backyard is really wonderful and when i looked for space to put my restaurant on, i really wanted with a lot of things changing and the improvements and a lovely, lovely neighborhood. and the heart of i want to do a
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really niet neighborhood place to gather the community together. and one of the things that struck me the most was the garden and i thought this was going to be part of the space because people had used it before. when you walk to the top of the steps, everyone always does this, ahh, oh my god, this is so wonderful. it's this little oasis back there. and what we're asking for is not 12 hours of service but limited service to talk about the neighbors and we don't want a bussing station and restaurants sometimes make a lot of noise and we wanted to work to move
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from the states and those are the things that sharon talked about that we really want to limit the hours and just use it for an overflow because we have been blessed and doing well and people have complained about long waits and we don't have any place to put them and so it's turned out we couldn't when we wanted to extend the beer and wine license to the garden we found out we could not serve food out there. and we want to be a good neighbor and do the right things and not operate an illegal operation in the backyard, but it is lovely and i would like to ask you to take that into consideration. this is not a slice joint or that kind of a pizza restaurant. it's a small neighborhood place
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that is very heart felt and i feel blessed to be in that neighborhood and on that corridor and i looked for two years to find that space and this is very specific and happy to be in partnership there and not partnership, but have the metro hotel as the landlord. and my landlord is lovely and has given up a 20-year lease so we're not going to be there for five year. we will be there hopefully, knock on wood, for a 20-year amount of time. i thank you for your time. >> we have some additional pictures and packages and letters of support that were
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received late and we did receive a lot of letters from close by neighbors who share the garden and -- i am lori ar ronson, sharon's business partner. we met with everybody within 300 feet and explained to them the plans and when we intend to operate and not will serve patrons for but when the backyard operation will be done and quiet and cleaned up by this time because we understand that while somebody six blocks may savor a beautiful outdoor dining area, the impact on somebody close by will be different and they offered to bring in a noise
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expert and to further limit hours and especially brunch that see seems especially controversial and offered to start at 11:30 instead of 11:00 and regardless of what happens today if you grant us this permit, we will continue to work with the neighbors because we don't want animosity. we want them to be the best customers and supporters and we understand those in close proximity may have a different view and we were especially
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happy to see others in support and a few other things as sharon said, we are trying to do the right thing and had the choice of whether to keep serving out there like people had done for 15 years -- [bell ringing] >> thanks for your time. president olague: any public comment? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i live on the 400 block in the heart of what we now call nopa and if something funny happens and you are fortunate to make the transition from renter to homeowner, you work harder to neighbor your neighborhood better and weed out the bad elements and litter and graffiti start to uniyour whole day and it deeply matter whethers there is a chase bank or a store in your neighborhood and this is in the major corridor and as much as you hate the sound of the bus brakes and sleighs, whether you are motivated by access to better services and altruistic community improvement or all of
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the above, the quality of life is always a mixed bag and we heard that earlier around the jewelry store. i try to reserve my balance and it's as if ragazza was waiting and what is unique about this tiny, new, amazingly good establishment is it that's a family friendly as it is date night and it's affordable. my friends finally want to come to may hood for dinner instead of insisting i come to them. and it's peaceful and serene and so the thought of outside al fresco dining or brunch on the patio appeals to me and my neighbors. i have to say i was cautious before i became a cheerleader. i wondered about this nice new
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thing could become a nuisance and then sharon held a meeting for the neighbors. she was pretty ruthless including the noise abatement measures and limited service hours and includine final dinner seating at 8:45, absolutely no music and the large parties would be restricted to indoors. and past tenants had trampled on those rules and sharon and arianna won't have it. and they are helping to make a stretch of divisadero into a real destination and the expansion has my full support. president olague: thank you. any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner miguel? commissioner miguel: in the spirit of what we said in this morning's session on keeping
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things moving, anyone who is willing to take out a 20-year lease on a restaurant business in particular in this climate deserves applause. i would move to approve with tremendous vised conditions. >> -- with the revised conditions. >> second. >> commissioner antonini?
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commissioner antonini: i am not going to go on long, but i agree 100% and i have been there and i really like ragazza. it is wonderful. but you need more space. i understand that. and so i am very supportive. president olague: i am a renter in the neighborhood, not an owner, but have equally as much commitment to seeing things thrive in that neighborhood. i used to go to the restaurant that was there before and in the metro and the patio was open. it was in use. and none of us knew it was -- it shouldn't have been. good luck. i walk by all the time and it's always packed. commissioner moore? commissioner moore and edition to the street improvements and this is a real manifestation for divisadero. >> call the question. >> we weren't going to talk anymore. >> we didn't discuss that in the rules. secretary avery: what are the rules to address that? call the question. >> commissioner, the motion for approval. >> on that mission, commissioners. [roll call vote taken] avery river thank you, commissioners. that passed unanimously. you are on item 12, 2009.0229d
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2709 larkin street. >> good afternoon. david lindsey, department staff. and i think it's two or three properties away uphill from this particular property on larkin street we're under contract to the owner of the property to provide some architectural services and so i am quite familiar with the neighborhood, but i don't think that property owner is not involved in this particular issue i don't think and so i don't feel there is a conflict. there isn't any direct relationsh